I Won’t Be Buying The Daria Box Set

12 May

So, Daria is being released as a box set.  For those of you who don’t know who she is here she is being Daria:

Now, I loved Daria.  Seriously obsessed.  She was me.  I was her.  We were the same.  But they have taken out all the original awesome 90’s music and replaced it with non-awesome music.  Half the reason I watched Daria was to see how they used L7 or Fiona Apple or REM songs.  Instead they have new music because the old music would “cost too much.”

If Glee can cover sixteen songs in an episode and the music industry is currently having the economic woes they claim to be having, I don’t believe it.  I think this was just a “we can charge $45 and keep $40 instead of charging $45 and keeping $30” decision by MTV.  Which is their right.

It is also my right to say hell no.  Because Daria without the music is like Frozen Embryos without Tino.  Just Residue.

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