Flag Football is Sexist?

16 May

So there’s this article in the NY Times today about girls playing flag football.  And the women who claim that since it isn’t a “real” sport with scholarships and national teams, it violates Title IX.

I no longer care if I sound like a cranky old man screaming get off my lawn.  I really don’t.  What the f*ck is wrong with people?  Girls are playing a competitive sport and you guys have to say it isn’t real?  Sometimes the people who are “protecting” women from sexism are the problem and this is one of those times.  Actually they aren’t protecting girls from sexism, they are fake protecting them from fake sexism.

A real sport is not a sport that gives colleges money via massive corporate endorsement.  And if it is, I quit being a fan of real sports.  A real sport is anything that creates a team that plays well and honestly against another team.  There are lots of real Title IX issues, real disparities in how men and women get treated in school sports from middle school all the way through college.  But a sport doesn’t have to have the potential get you a scholarship or a Nike deal to be real.

And when I read shit like this:

Ms. Hogshead-Makar, who also serves as the senior director for advocacy at the Women’s Sports Foundation, said girls missed the educational benefits if they did not take a sport seriously.

“That’s one of the things that makes sports such an important experience,” she said. “You’re always striving to get to that next rung.”

Ms. Hogshead-Makar said flag football’s time should be up.

“We’ve had 10 years of girls who have not been given other sports opportunities,” she said. But she said she would be open to changing her stance if she saw commitment by universities or the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

I want to scream and punch things.  They don’t take it seriously?  It is a sport.  They take it seriously when they play it.  They take it as seriously as they need to.  Presuming girls aren’t taking something seriously is actual sexism, not trumped up, I need publicity sexism.

Ms. Hogshead-Makar, you are making it harder for women to thrive by being so obsessed with leveling the playing field that you’ll spout misogynistic bullshit like this to do it.  Little tip: if you have to trash 16 year old girls to get your point across you’re not an adult advocate, you’re a cranky teenager masquerading as a grown up.

Play on, Flag Football players.  Have fun, compete as hard as you can, and stop worrying about what people like Ms. Hogshead-Makar says because I can guarantee you, she is 100% wrong.

And yes, I really like writing her name.  Hogshead-Makar.  It is very fun.

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