The New Twist On Nigerian Scams: The Barrister is Afraid To Fly

17 May

There is nothing quite so disheartening as spending the day trying to be a smart/funny/semi-coherent writer only to discover the guy trying to Nigerian Scam you is smarter/funnier and way more creative.

Dear Friend,

This is a Management Placement on behalf Mrs. Chung Hee- Ja, wife of Mr. KimWoo Choong the founder and former chairman of the Daewoo Motors Group in South Korea who vocationally live here in Manchester and have been my client for the past nine years.

I am Barr. David Smith, Legal advocate/Solicitor and owner of David Smith &Associates Law Firm located in Manchester UK .

We officially consult for NGO’s and companies on legal/allied issues, Family Law; IntellectualProperty; Real Estate; Wills, Trusts and Tax. I have a legitimate contract job offer for you, I want to know if you have the ability, workforce andstrength to help my client invest in the following sectors; real estate,hotel management/tourism, stock management and commercial agriculture in your country and get rewarded financially without affecting your convenience.

Upon her instruction, I am consulting on business grounds as she seeks for a reputable real estate firm, foreign partner or an individual that can assistwith scouting of a well sited landed estate she can invest into outside Manchester and UK or other lucrative sectors that can yield her good returnsfrom her investment.

Most importantly, you will be required to inspect, monitor and close uptransactions on our behalf because my phobia for flight will not grant me the privilege to travel down to your country or outside Manchester for inspection but for transfer of paper work or pictures of the property, can be exchanged through email attachment of preferably fax so if you have anyworthy property within your disposal or can help scout for any available valued landed property or estate preferably in your country Chung Hee- JaKim Choong is willing to reward you with 10% of the value of what ever you are able to wrap up as agent commission and for your partnership role as I have made it clear to her understanding that I was contacting you for this purpose.

Well I believe this is once in a life time opportunity for us to carve out an edge in exploring the vitals of your country real estate market and otherlucrative sectors and your profession as it is your field or even outside your field once the venture is economic oriented, as my client is ready withdown finances to invest, although she has declared the amount and value she wants to invest, but I for security reasons cannot disclose or make it known to you until I know your faith and have a proof of your ability to handle atransaction of such magnitude so you can kindly send me your work experience profile or any paper work that can justify the authenticity of your CV. If you prefer to be re-contacted for more express information, write Back promptly attaching your contact telephone numbers, I look forward to it.

I expect your correspondence as my response with more information on this profiting offer will be swift.
You can contact me on my Direct

Yours faithfully

Barr. David Smith

One Response to “The New Twist On Nigerian Scams: The Barrister is Afraid To Fly”

  1. George May 21, 2010 at 5:10 am #

    At least he’s faithful.

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