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Stop Making Me Laugh I’m Trying To Be Serious Over Here, Cancer Guy

19 Jul

My friend Don is fighting (and beating) tongue cancer.

His blog Let’s Radiate Don is hysterically funny and in its infancy.

Some people use experiences to grow and learn and be better people.  Some just complain.  Some use it to make great art.  Some are so annoyed with being cared for that they try and entertain you.

Don is doing all of these things.  And he’s funnier than anyone I know.

So if you want to laugh once a day, I can hardly think of a better way than my friend’s cancer blog.  Wow, that just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

This Is Just Plain Awesome…

14 Feb

I seriously love you, Andrew Nelson, whoever you are.  Email me and I’ll send you a script from the movie or Raviv’s old t-shirt or something (okay I can’t send you his t-shirt… but I’ll find something good, I swear…)  This totally made my day!

(and thanks Becca for sending!!!!)

Hey Dude, Can I Like, Take That Spot?

18 Jan

87_4_0380I don’t know why that title just came up, but it did.

I’m writing exclusively over at Everybody Dies for a little while while Jenny and I get that blog up and running.  I’ll update stuff here as it becomes necessary/interesting.

But in the meantime, no, you can’t take that spot.  I’m gonna use it.

A Dog With Titanium Knees

10 Nov

Harry in action, originally uploaded by Bethshax.

Amazing that a dog with two ACL replacements can play this hard, this well and not even limp a little.

Good Morning Sara!

26 Mar

Amber Tamblyn in this month’s Premiere Magazine

16 Mar

Not wanting to be outdone by Kelli G., Ms. Tamblyn surprised me today by appearing in the April Premiere Magazine (with my crush of all crushes, Will Ferrell on the cover.) Her description of “Normal Adolescent Behavior” is better than anything I’ve come up with. How is that fair?


Kelli Garner in this month’s Cosmo Girl

13 Mar

Kelli Garner in this month’s Cosmo GirlBig shout of love and mad respect to my girl Kelli Garner looking amazingly sexy. The girl is a smart cookie and I love her madly. xoxoxoxo


13 Mar

After I’ve seen the movie, “Diggers” I will let you know what I think of it, but for now here is a sneak preview of good friend/mentor/teacher/all around amazing woman Katherine Dieckmann’s new movie, “Diggers” written and starring Ken Marino. Even if Cinematical calls her a “first time filmmaker” (she made an amazing feature called “A Good Baby” which you need to Netflix right now) the review captures what I hoped for this project and it looks like it is far and above the indie fare thrown at you this time of year.

    If I described Diggers as being about “four old friends who struggle to (finally) mature in the face of grown-up stresses, miseries and generally unpleasant turns of event,” you’d probably respond with something like “Oh yeah, just like 45% of all indie/comedy/dramas I’ve seen this decade.” And you’d be right — it’s not a stunning sense of originality that makes Diggers worth watching; it’s the actors, combined with the asset of a surprisingly insightful screenplay that does the job. It’s amusing to note that while screenwriter Ken Marino’s old State-mates are out banking huge coin writing chaff like Let’s Go to Prison and Herbie: Fully Loaded, his first screenplay is a much more personal and low-key affair.

Read the full review here at Cinematical